Amazing Bodega Bay Adventures

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Whale & Bird Watching, Sunset Bay & Wine Cruise, Eco-Tours, & Memorials will be arranged on an individual basis.

Please call with your group specifications and we can customize your trip for you.


Sunset Bay and Wine Cruises

Enjoy a relaxing and romantic slow paced bay cruise, with your special partner and your favorite bottle of wine (BYOW) or sparkling water.  On our comfortable deck chairs, you can gain a perspective of Bodega Bay that many who visit don’t even know they exist.  This is a true “don’t miss” if you are visiting the area. This trip is perfect for both the experienced and novice boaters.  Don’t miss this one.  All that you may need, crackers, wine, water, champagne, cheese & meat cuts, water, flowers, etc…  can be easily arranged in advance so as to make this activity a memory that will last a lifetime. (All trips and fares are individualized by party size and duration of the trip.)

Whale Watching Trips

You ever looked a whale in the “Eye Ball”?  Guess what?  The whale looks back!!!


This experience will change your life!!  Whales are near Bodega Head almost all year round. The epic migration of whales peaks from January through May, but is visible during much of the year. Each year Gray and Blue whales travel south from Alaska and down to Baja California for winter, then back north for the summer feeding season. Near Bodega Head is a high volume area and perfect spot to observe these gentle giants! Gray Whales are particularly easy to observe, as they are a coastal species and stay around the continental shelf. While they are most easily seen in late winter and spring while headed north, they may be seen year-round on the Sonoma Coast. They may move south as early as the end of August, or as late as early into the next year. Sometimes they overlap migration patterns, with some whales still heading south while others are already returning north. 

This is generally a close to the head and shorter trip.  Perfect for the novice boater, and an overall amazing experience!!

(All trips and fares are individualized by party size and duration of trip.  Call for details!!)

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Eco Tours

Take a break from it all and enjoy a nearshore outer bay cruise.  Local, flora, fauna, geology, history and uniqueness of the area that is now called Bodega Bay.  Get a close-up view of the “Hole In the Head” and learn how Bodega Bay got its name. This trip is perfect for both the experienced and novice boaters.  Hop on, relax and check out “Seal Rock” on this perfect water exposure excursion and watch out for the “Birds”. (All trips and fares are individualized by party size and duration of the trip.)  

Memorial At Sea

The sea is a very special place that is “teaming with life” and will forever remain an example of vigor to all who visit.  Some families feel that it is perfect for their loved ones to take eternal rest by scattering their ashes.  Memorials are the trips that we hold in the highest regard and are always willing to graciously support our clients who call upon us for their special day and their special loved ones. (All trips and fares are individualized by party size and duration of the trip.  Call for details!!)

The team at Reel Magic Sportsfishing Charters recognizes that each traveler has different needs. If none of our packages work for you, we’re more than happy to create one that does.


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